ancient egypt introduction lesson plan

Introduction to Ancient Egypt

The Cunning History Teacher lesson plan on an Introduction to Ancient Egypt is an in-depth and comprehensive look at one of the world’s most ancient civilizations designed specifically for middle school students. The lesson begins by providing an overview of the origins of Ancient Egypt, including how the civilization came to be and how it developed over time. The lesson then delves into the different kingdoms that existed throughout Ancient Egypt’s history, including the Old, Middle and New Kingdoms.

The main focus of the lesson is the unification of Ancient Egypt. Students will learn about the events and individuals who played a role in the unification of the civilization, as well as the cultural and political changes that occurred as a result. They will also learn about the people who lived in small villages along the Nile, including their roles as hunters and gatherers and how they contributed to the development of Ancient Egyptian society.

To help middle school students engage with the material and think critically, the lesson plan includes a short film and a Timeline activity. The short film provides students with a visual representation of the key events and individuals that shaped Ancient Egypt. The Timeline activity will help students understand the chronological order of events in Ancient Egyptian history and how they relate to one another.

Overall, this lesson plan is a valuable resource for middle school teachers looking to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of Ancient Egypt. The focus on the origins, unification, and people of Ancient Egypt, provides an engaging way to explore one of the world’s most ancient civilizations. The short film and Timeline activity will encourage students to think critically and explore the topic in more depth, making it a perfect addition to any ancient history class.

At the end of this lesson plan your students will no doubt be captivated by what they have learned about Ancient Egypt’s legacy – an incredible civilisation that continues to inspire us even thousands of years later!

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities in a short film and a timeline activity
Estimated lessons:2.
Ages10-14 years.
Format PowerPoint.

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