Social and Economic Issues during the Interwar Period in Britain Worksheet Lesson Plan

Interwar Years in Britain

The “Interwar Years in Britain” was a time of significant political and economic change. This modern history lesson plan provides an in-depth look at this crucial period, focusing on social and economic issues that shaped Britain’s future. The lesson plan delves into the impact of the Great Depression on Britain, including the government’s response to the crisis and its effect on the working-class population. Students will also study the Jarrow Crusade, a famous protest march against unemployment and poverty, and its role in drawing attention to the struggles of working-class communities during the Depression.

In addition, the worksheet covers the Means Test, a controversial policy that required people to prove they were destitute before receiving government aid. This policy profoundly impacted many British citizens, particularly those who had lost their jobs and were struggling to make ends meet.

The Interwar Period was also a time of significant industrial change in Britain, with new industries emerging and transforming the country’s economy. Students will learn about the growth of industries such as car manufacturing and aviation and their impact on society and the economy.

To help students engage with the material, the worksheet includes short films, comprehension questions, and activities such as creating a newspaper article and newsreel. These activities encourage critical thinking and analysis, helping students to understand the complex social and economic issues that shaped Britain during this crucial time in its history.

Overall, this lesson plan provides a comprehensive look at the “Interwar Years in Britain”, exploring the political, social, and economic factors that shaped the country’s future. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by Britain during this time and the impact of these challenges on society and the economy.

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Description:Student activities include short films, comprehension questions, and creation of a newspaper article and newsreel.
Estimated lessons:2-3
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