Integrating knowledge and sources into your essay example Worksheet lesson plan

IB Paper 1 Source Skills

The “Integrating Knowledge and Sources into Your Essay” worksheet for IB Diploma History students provides a valuable resource for preparing for their upcoming exams. It includes helpful tips, an essay plan explanation, and a clear example that students can easily follow and use for revision for the IB Paper 1 Source Skills examination.

The worksheet focuses on the essential skill of integrating personal knowledge and provided sources into an essay. Students will learn how to structure their essays effectively using an essay plan and how to analyse and incorporate sources to support their arguments.

The clear and concise essay examples in the lesson plan will enable students to understand how to integrate knowledge and sources into their essays. It serves as a guide for students to follow and adapt when writing their essays.

Students will better understand historical events and their significance using this lesson plan. They will also learn how to write more effective essays that showcase their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter.

In conclusion, the “Integrating Knowledge and Sources into Your Essay” worksheet is an essential resource for IB history students preparing for IB Paper 1 Source Skills examination. It provides a clear and concise guide to help students structure their essays, integrate sources effectively, and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the subject matter. Students can improve their essay-writing skills and achieve better exam results using this worksheet.

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Resource Information

Description:An example of how to write an essay that must include your own knowledge and provided sources for students to use as a guide to writing their own essay.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages16-18 years
Format Word Document

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