IBDP History Paper 1 Essay Tips Integrating Knowledge and Sources Student Handout

IB Paper 1 Essay Writing Tips Handout

The “IB Paper 1 Essay Writing Tips Handout” provides a practical approach to tackling IB History essays, focusing on integrating knowledge and sources effectively. This guide is tailored to help students enhance their essay writing skills, ensuring they understand not just what to write but how to articulate their arguments coherently and persuasively.

Starting with the core requirement of the IB History Paper 1, the handout underscores the importance of directly addressing the essay question. It advises against the common pitfall of merely describing sources, instead emphasizing the integration of these sources with students’ own historical knowledge to construct well-rounded arguments.

The handout offers a clear, step-by-step structure for essay planning and writing, introducing students to the PEEL method (Point, Explanation, Evidence, Link). This technique guides students through developing their paragraphs systematically:

Point: Establish the argument or main idea of the paragraph.
Explanation: Expand on the point, clarifying its relevance.
Evidence: Support the explanation with direct quotes and references to sources.
Link: Connect the discussion back to the main essay question and transition smoothly to the next point.
For constructing essays, it employs the CIA method for introductions—Content, Investigation, and Arguments—ensuring students set a solid foundation for their essays. Similarly, the conclusion follows the IAG structure—Investigation, Arguments, General statement—to wrap up the essay succinctly without introducing new information.

This handout is straightforward and does not overpromise; it delivers concise guidance that aligns with the expectations of the IB curriculum. By following this guide, students will learn to craft essays that are not only structured and focused but also enriched with a critical analysis of historical events.

“IB Paper 1 Essay Writing Tips Handout” serves as an essential tool for students aiming to improve their essay writing skills in history. It encourages them to think critically and write with a purpose, aligning their knowledge and sources to answer the essay questions effectively.

IBDP History Paper 1 Essay Tips Integrating Knowledge and Sources Student Handout

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Description:An example of how to write an essay that must include your own knowledge and provided sources for students to use as a guide to writing their own essay.
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Ages16-18 years.
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