German Advances during the Second World War PowerPoint lesson plan. Axis wins in WWII

German Advances during WWII

The German Advances during WWII modern history lesson is an essential teaching tool for history teachers seeking to engage their students with World War Two’s key events and military strategies. The lesson plan provides an in-depth overview of German advances throughout Europe during this pivotal period of modern history.

At the heart of the lesson plan is the study of Blitzkrieg, the lightning-fast military tactic the German army employed to conquer Poland, Denmark, Norway and France. This highly effective strategy is explored in detail, helping students understand its impact on the course of the war and its role in the fall of these countries.

Another key feature of the lesson plan is the discussion on Dunkirk. This dramatic episode of the war saw hundreds of thousands of Allied soldiers evacuated from the beaches of Dunkirk in the face of the advancing German army. The lessons surrounding this event will help students better understand Dunkirk’s strategic importance and impact on the war effort.

To help students engage with the material, the lesson plan includes various student activities designed to bring the war events to life. From short films to comprehension activities, note-taking exercises, and a Kahoot! The activities in this lesson plan are designed to encourage students to participate in their learning actively.

The German Advances during WWII modern history lesson is an ideal resource for history teachers seeking to bring the critical events of World War Two to life for their students. With its comprehensive overview of Blitzkrieg, the fall of Poland, the discussion on Dunkirk, and a range of engaging student activities, this lesson plan will capture students’ imagination and provide a valuable addition to any modern history curriculum.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include Short films, comprehension, note-taking and a Kahoot!
Estimated lessons:2
Ages14-18 years
Format PowerPoint

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