Geography and Resources of New Kingdom Egypt Student worksheet

Geography and Resources

“Geography and Resources of New Kingdom Egypt” is a student worksheet designed for high schoolers, focusing on the prosperous era of the New Kingdom in ancient Egypt, from 1550 BCE to 1070 BCE. This lesson plan provides a detailed look into the geographical setting and natural features crucial to this civilisation’s development and sustainability.

Students will explore how the Nile River was central to Egypt’s agriculture, economy, and culture. They will learn about the significance of the Nile’s annual floods, which deposited fertile silt for crop cultivation. The lesson also covers how the surrounding deserts served as natural barriers against invasions and as hubs for trade and refuge.

The worksheet delves into Egypt’s natural resources, including its richness in minerals like gold and copper, used for trade, decoration, and religious artefacts. Students will discover the diverse ecosystem along the Nile, which supported various plants and animals, integral to the Egyptian way of life.

Moreover, the lesson plan includes information about Egypt’s relations with neighbouring regions like Nubia to the south and the Levant to the northeast. It highlights how these interactions varied from trade to military conflict and how they influenced Egypt’s politics and economy. The importance of maritime trade routes in the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, connecting Egypt with the wider ancient world, is also discussed.

Finally, the worksheet emphasises Egypt’s advanced agricultural techniques, such as irrigation and crop rotation, which maximised the productivity of the Nile Valley. Students will learn about the strong trade network and the period of political stability supported by a strong military, which were key to the New Kingdom’s sustainability.

This lesson plan is designed to engage students in a comprehensive and interactive study of ancient Egypt, enhancing their understanding and appreciation of one of history’s most remarkable civilisations.

Australian Curriculum Outcome: (ACHAH105)

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include completing a map.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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