Geography and Resources During the Time of Amenhotep III student worksheet

Geography and Resources – Amenhotep III

“Geography and Resources During the Time of Amenhotep III” is a comprehensive worksheet designed to engage high school students with the pivotal era of the New Kingdom of Egypt. It’s a focused, fact-driven resource to provide history teachers with a practical and efficient way to delve into ancient times.

This worksheet places the Nile River at the forefront of the study, not just as a geographical feature but as the life force of the New Kingdom, providing fertile ground for both agriculture and the development of a stable and powerful state. Students will gain a hands-on understanding of how the annual flooding of the Nile allowed Egypt to thrive, underpinning the growth of its cities and the success of its people.

The lesson continues to explore Egypt’s rich tapestry of natural resources, such as the gold of Nubia and the trade networks that spanned the Mediterranean. Students will engage with these elements through map activities, fostering a sense of place and time that is critical for historical understanding.

Moreover, the worksheet encourages students to consider the social implications of these resources. They will reflect on how wealth influenced Egypt’s social structure, from the pharaoh to farmers, and discuss the ethical considerations of such a hierarchy. This aspect of the lesson plan is designed to stimulate critical thinking and encourage students to draw parallels with contemporary issues of resource distribution and social equity.

“Geography and Resources During the Time of Amenhotep III” goes beyond mere fact-sharing. It invites students to think like historians, piecing together the past from the landscape and relics left behind. With activities tailored to foster analytical skills, this lesson plan is a bridge to higher learning, laying the groundwork for more advanced historical study.

Concise, yet packed with detail, this worksheet is an indispensable tool for history educators. It encapsulates the essence of the New Kingdom in an accessible format that respects the teacher’s time and the students’ need for an engaging curriculum. “Geography and Resources During the Time of Amenhotep III” is your classroom’s next step into the rich soil of history, where every student can unearth the legacy of an empire.

Australian Curriculum: ACHAH105, ACHAH269 and ACHAH277.

Geography and Resources during the time of Amenhotep student worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a map activity.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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