Ancient Egypt Geography worksheet

Geographical Features of Ancient Egypt

The ancient Egyptians left a lasting legacy that continues to captivate us today. One of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of this civilisation is by studying its geographical setting and natural features. This worksheet explores the regions of Upper and Lower Egypt, the Mediterranean, and the Nile River. It is filled with comprehension, mapping, and research tasks for students to complete in or out of class time.

The Nile River was the lifeblood of ancient Egypt, providing the civilisation with water for irrigation, transportation, and fishing. This worksheet demonstrates the importance of the Nile and how it shaped the culture and economy. Students will learn about the annual flooding of the Nile and how the ancient Egyptians used this to their advantage. The worksheet includes a mapping task where students can trace the Nile’s path and identify key cities along its banks.

Upper and Lower Egypt are another important aspect of the civilisation’s geographical setting. The worksheet shows how these regions were defined by their position along the Nile. The worksheet includes a research task where students can compare Upper and Lower Egypt’s different characteristics.

With this worksheet, students will gain a deeper understanding of ancient Egypt’s geographical setting and natural features. The worksheet provides an interactive and engaging way for students to learn, and the research and mapping tasks will challenge them to think critically and independently. Whether you’re a history teacher looking for new and engaging lesson plans or a student looking to deepen your understanding of ancient Egypt, this plan is the perfect resource.

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Resource Information

Description:Worksheet with comprehension, mapping and research tasks for students.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages11-14 years
Format Word Document

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