An Exploration of the IB History Key Concepts lesson

Exploration of the IBDP History Key Concepts

Dive into the heart of IB History with An Exploration of the IBDP History Key Concepts. This streamlined worksheet introduces students to the 6 Key Concepts essential for their IB History examinations.

At its core, this worksheet provides:

  • A precise definition for each concept.
  • A relevant historical example to illustrate the concept in action.

Start with the transformative Renaissance, exemplifying ‘Change’, as da Vinci’s brush strokes diverged from the norm, and Copernicus’s theories reshaped our understanding of the cosmos. Glide through China’s enduring ‘Mandate of Heaven’, showcasing ‘Continuity’ across dynastic epochs. Unpack the intricate causes behind World War I, delve into the ripple effects of the French Revolution, grasp the monumental relevance of the Magna Carta, and embrace the diverse ‘Perspectives’ history offers on events like the colonisation of the Americas.

But it’s not just about reading and recalling. The worksheet amplifies understanding through student-centric activities. They’ll have the opportunity to personally connect with the concepts, relate them to other historical events, and enhance their grasp through collaborative discussions. These activities, tailor-made for comprehension, ensure that students don’t just learn but internalise these concepts, readying them for their examinations.

An Exploration of the IBDP History Key Concepts is more than just a worksheet. It’s a stepping stone designed meticulously for IBDP students, ensuring they not only grasp but master the key concepts crucial for their IBDP History success.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include reflective writing and a group discussion.
Estimated lessons:1-2.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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