Elizabeth I - Using Sources

Elizabeth I – Using Sources

Uncover the fascinating story of Elizabeth I through written and visual sources with our engaging history lesson! Designed specifically for younger students, this PowerPoint introduces the use of sources and how they can shape our understanding of history.

Throughout this history lesson, students will be exposed to a range of pictures depicting different depictions of Elizabeth I. This gives students a unique opportunity to compare and contrast how Elizabeth I was represented over time and to gain a deeper understanding of sources’ role in shaping our understanding of historical events and figures.

In addition to learning about Elizabeth I through visual depictions, students will also engage in various interactive activities designed to challenge their critical thinking skills. Activities such as drawing a picture of Elizabeth I through the description offered in a written source and critical thinking questions. These activities will help students to think more deeply about the information they are presented with and to evaluate the reliability of different sources.

This history lesson is an excellent introduction to the study of Elizabeth I and provides students with a strong foundation for using sources in historical research. By learning about the role that they play in shaping our understanding of history, students will be better equipped to evaluate sources’ reliability and draw conclusions about historical events and figures.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include a drawing activity, source work, critical thinking and comprehension.
Estimated lessons:1-2
Format PowerPoint

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