Economic Effects on Canada During World War 2 PowerPoint Lesson Plan

Economic effects on Canada WWII

The Economic effects on Canada during the Second World War were vast and far-reaching. The country underwent significant changes as it transformed from a primarily agrarian society to an industrialised one. The Second World War brought unprecedented demand for Canadian resources, labour, and infrastructure. This lesson plan aims to provide an overview of Canada’s economic growth during this period, including industrial growth, migration to urban centres, ministry of munitions and supply, aviation, shipbuilding, natural resources, and post-war prosperity.

The lesson plan is delivered through a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key features of Canada’s economic transformation during WWII. Students will learn about the significant industrial growth that took place during this period, including the manufacturing of military equipment and supplies. They will also explore the role of the ministry of munitions and supply, which was established to coordinate and oversee the production and distribution of war materials.

The lesson plan also touches on the migration of people from rural to urban areas during this period. The demand for labour in the industrial sector led to a significant increase in urbanisation as people moved to cities searching for work opportunities. The presentation covers the impact of this migration on Canadian society, including the challenges urban centres face in providing housing, transportation, and other services to the growing population.

Students will also learn about Canada’s role in aviation and shipbuilding during the Second World War. The country played a vital role in producing military aircraft and ships, which were critical in securing victory for the Allied forces. The presentation will highlight the contribution of Canadian industries to these efforts, and the impact that these industries had on Canada’s economic development.

The PowerPoint also touches on Canada’s natural resources and their role in the country’s economic transformation during the Second World War. The abundance of natural resources in Canada, including timber, minerals, and oil, played a critical role in the country’s economic growth during this period. Students will learn about the impact of the war on these resources and the role that they played in Canada’s post-war prosperity.

Throughout the lesson, students will engage in various activities, including discussion questions, a mini-research task, and a creative writing task. These activities will help students to deepen their understanding of the Economic Effects on Canada during the Second World War and to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. This is a perfect lesson for older students learning about Canada during WWII.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include discussion questions, a mini-research task and a creative writing task.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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