Daily Life in Ancient Greece lesson plan PowerPoint

Daily Life in Ancient Greece

In this lesson plan, we’ll explore the daily life of the Ancient Greeks, focusing on the city of Athens. Ancient Greece was a remarkable civilisation with a rich history and lasting global impact. This lesson aims to give students an in-depth understanding of what daily life was like in Athens and how it shaped society.

We’ll start by discussing housing in Athens. Ancient Greeks lived in homes made of stone, clay, and wood. The houses were simple but had courtyards and were often decorated with paintings and sculptures. This gave them a sense of style and comfort, even in their daily lives.

Next, we’ll talk about food in Athens. Ancient Greeks were known for their healthy diets, consisting of fruits, vegetables, and grains. They also ate fish, meat, and cheese in smaller portions. Meals were usually served with bread, and wine was a staple in ancient Greek society. It was considered a symbol of hospitality and was offered to guests as a sign of welcome.

Marriage was also an important aspect of daily life in Athens. Women were typically married by the age of 14 and men by the age of 18. The parents arranged marriages, and the bride and groom had little say in the matter. Nevertheless, once married, the couple was expected to be loyal to each other for life.

To bring this lesson to life, students will participate in a fun and interactive activity by creating a poster showcasing daily life in Athens. They’ll use images and information from the lesson to visually represent what life was like for the Ancient Greeks.

To wrap up the lesson, students will watch a short film about life in Athens and answer comprehension questions to solidify their understanding of the topic. This film will give them a visual representation of daily life in Ancient Greece and help them better understand the culture and society of this remarkable civilisation.

This presentation will give students a comprehensive overview of daily life in Ancient Greece, focusing on Athens. Through interactive activities and a short film, students will gain a deeper understanding of this fascinating period in history and its lasting impact on the world.

Daily Life Ancient Greece Lesson Plan

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include the creation of a poster and watching a short film with comprehension questions.
Estimated lessons:2
Ages11-14 years
Format PowerPoint

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