Causes of Japanese Expansion

Causes of Japanese Expansion

This modern history lesson on the Causes of Japanese Expansion covers a critical period in Japanese history, the interwar period. The focus of the lesson will be on the factors that led to Japan’s expansion, including Nationalism and Militarism, Japanese Foreign Policy, and the impact of various historical events and treaties.

We will begin by discussing the Treaty of Kanagawa and the 1st Sino-Japanese War, which marked the beginning of Japan’s expansion into Asia. The Treaty of Shimonoseki, which ended the war, granted Japan significant territorial and economic concessions from China.

Next, we will examine the Anglo-Japanese Alliance and the Russo-Japanese War. The alliance with Britain solidified Japan’s position as a major world power, while the victory in the war against Russia further strengthened Japan’s international reputation.

We will also explore Japan’s 21 Demands on China, which were a set of demands made by Japan to the Chinese government in 1915. These demands were seen as a significant infringement on Chinese sovereignty and further contributed to Japan’s expansionist ambitions.

In addition, we will look at the impact of the First World War on Japan, including the Washington Naval Conference and the Four, Five and Nine Power Pacts. These events and agreements further solidified Japan’s position as a major world power and set the stage for its continued expansion.

We will also examine the Chinese United Fronts and the Long March, which were critical events in China’s history that had a significant impact on Japan’s expansion.

The Great Depression also played a major role in Japan’s expansion. The economic crisis led to a rise in nationalism and militarist sentiment in Japan, which further fueled the country’s expansionist ambitions.

Finally, we will examine the Anti-Comintern Pact and its impact on Japan’s expansion.

Student activities include four short films, comprehension questions, group work, creation of a poster and critical thinking. These activities will help students understand the complex factors that led to Japan’s expansion and gain a deeper understanding of this important period in world history.

Overall, this lesson provides a comprehensive overview of the causes of Japanese expansion during the interwar period. Through a variety of activities and discussions, students will gain a greater appreciation for the historical, social, and economic factors that shaped Japan’s expansion and how it impacted the world we know today.

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Description:Student activities include four short films, comprehension questions, group work, creation of a poster and critical thinking.
Estimated lessons:4-6.
Ages16-18 years.
Format PowerPoint.

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