Canada's Military Role lesson plan, unit, powerpoint

Canada’s Military Role in WWII

Canada’s military role in WWII lesson plan from The Cunning History Teacher offers a comprehensive examination of Canada’s military involvement during the Second World War. The lesson includes an in-depth analysis of the Canadian Air Force, Navy, and Military involvement across both theatres of war in Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The Dieppe Raid and D-Day are also discussed in depth, providing students with a deeper understanding of Canada’s military operations and strategies during the war.

This lesson is an ideal resource for educators looking to introduce their students to Canada’s military role during the Second World War. It offers a unique opportunity to learn about a significant historical event through different perspectives, including the perspectives of the soldiers, the government, and the general public. The lesson can be adapted to reflect the teaching style of the educator and the learning needs of the students.

In addition to covering key events and figures, the lesson also addresses important social and cultural issues, such as the impact of the war on Canadian society and the role of women and minorities in the military. The lesson is designed to be engaging and interactive, with the use of primary sources, videos, and discussion prompts to encourage students to think critically about the past and its relevance to the present. The Cunning History Teacher’s Canada’s military role in WWII lesson plan is a valuable resource for educators looking to raise awareness about this important historical event and foster a deeper understanding of Canada’s role in the war.


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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include note taking, source analysis, short films and a short group work project.
Estimated lessons:3-4.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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