British Empire from 1750-1900 and raw materials worksheet lesson plan

British Empire 1750-1900

Introducing the “British Empire 1750-1900″ worksheet, a comprehensive learning resource focusing on colonisation and raw material acquisition by Imperial Britain. This worksheet is ideal for educators seeking to provide their students with a thorough understanding of the British Empire’s imperialism.

Starting with examining the conquered lands and continents, this worksheet guides students through the territories acquired by the British Empire. The focus then shifts towards the raw materials obtained through these territories and their impact on the British economy.

One of the key features of this worksheet is its use of a time-lapse map to illustrate the expansion of the British Commonwealth. This feature allows students to visualise the growth of the British Empire and its impact on the world stage during the 1750-1900 period. Through this interactive visual aid, students can better comprehend the extent of British imperialism.

Additionally, this worksheet includes a detailed study of the raw materials that the Empire acquired from its conquests. From tea to rubber, students will gain an understanding of the various resources that drove the British Empire’s economy during this period. This information provides a valuable context for students to comprehend better British imperialism’s legacy and colonialism’s global impact.

Overall, the “British Empire 1750-1900″ worksheet is an engaging and informative resource that provides students with a unique insight into the history of Britain. Its comprehensive approach to examining the impact of imperialism and the raw material acquisition makes it an invaluable resource for educators seeking to provide their students with a well-rounded understanding of this period.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include geographical skills through the use of Google Maps or an Atlas, comprehension questions and a mini-research task on raw materials.
Estimated lessons:1
Ages11-14 years
Format Word Document

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