Brezhnev's Domestic Policies and Foreign Relations Worksheet

Brezhnev’s Domestic Policies & Foreign Relations

Unveil the intricate layers of the Cold War with our immersive lesson plan, “Brezhnev’s Domestic Policies & Foreign Relations.” This meticulously designed journey offers a deep dive into Leonid Brezhnev’s leadership of the Soviet Union, a pivotal period marked by economic stagnation, increasing political repression, and strained foreign relations.

Our worksheet brings Brezhnev’s critical policy decisions to life, from his heavy-industrial emphasis that reshaped the Soviet economy to introducing the influential Brezhnev Doctrine. Learners will dissect the consequences of these actions, understanding their far-reaching impact not only on the citizens of the USSR but on the world stage as well.

Engage with fascinating activities tailored to optimise learning. In the Comparing Domestic Policies group activity, students will contrast Brezhnev’s strategies with those of his predecessor, Khrushchev. This comparison will lead to a nuanced understanding of their approaches’ significant differences and similarities, the public’s reaction, and the lasting implications of their policies.

Alternatively, the Research Project will take students to explore a specific aspect of Brezhnev’s foreign relations. Whether the Sino-Soviet Split, Détente with the West, or the controversial Invasion of Afghanistan, this task encourages deep, investigative research to develop student’s analytical and presentation skills.

Each activity stimulates critical thinking, fostering an environment where students can piece together the complex puzzle of historical causality. Rather than mere rote memorisation, these exercises will bring history to life in the classroom, providing the platform for discussions, debates, and a rich understanding of the subject.

In addition to facilitating comprehensive knowledge acquisition, this lesson plan also serves as a time-saver for teachers. Thoughtfully designed, our “Brezhnev’s Domestic Policies & Foreign Relations” worksheet provides clear instructions, sparing educators from the hours usually spent on lesson preparation.

Brezhnev’s Domestic Policies & Foreign Relations Student Worksheet

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include reading, a comparison activity or a mini-research task, group work and a presentation.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages14 years and up.
Format Word Document.

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