Battles for the english crown lesson

Battles for the English Crown

Are you looking for an exciting and engaging way to teach your students about the battles for the English crown in 1066? Look no further than the Battles for the Crown lesson plan. This lesson plan provides an in-depth overview of the battles that took place after Harold Godwinson was crowned King of England, including the invasion of England by Harald Hardrada, the King of Norway, and Duke William, King of Normandy.

The focus of this lesson plan is on the key battles of Fulford, Stamford Bridge, and Hastings. Students will learn about the events leading up to these battles, the strategies used by the opposing sides, and the outcomes of each battle. This will help students to develop their critical thinking skills as they analyze and evaluate the events that led to the Norman conquest of England.

To make the lesson plan interactive and engaging, students will have the opportunity to watch short films that bring the battles to life. They will also engage in a mini-research task, where they will use a variety of sources to research and answer questions about the battles. This task will help students to develop their research skills and the ability to evaluate sources.

To add a creative twist, students will use the information they have gathered in their research to create an infographic summarizing the main events and causes of the battles. This will help students to understand how to present information in an easy to understand and visually appealing format.

The Battles for the English Crown lesson plan is a great way to introduce students to the fascinating and complex events of 1066. It is designed to be accessible to students of all levels and is a great addition to any history curriculum. It is a perfect tool to help students retain important information while also challenging them to think critically and apply their knowledge. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to bring history to life in your classroom!

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include critical thinking, short films, a mini-research task with the creation of an infographic.
Estimated lessons:2.
Ages11-14 years.
Format PowerPoint.

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