Australian Protection Act PowerPoint

Australian Protection Acts

The Australian Protection Acts lesson plan is designed specifically for history teachers to provide a deep understanding of Indigenous Australian history through engaging activities and collaboration. This lesson focuses on various topics, including enforcing policies by the Aborigines Protection Board (APB), establishing protection boards, reserves, missions, wages, removal of children, institutions, employment, psychological and emotional harm, and changing attitudes.

The lesson plan is expertly crafted to guide students through Australia’s complex history of the Protection Acts. By exploring establishing protection boards and enforcing policies, students will gain insights into the systematic control and regulation of Indigenous lives. The lesson also delves into the reserves and missions established for Indigenous people, the wage control policies, and the forced removal of children, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the wide-ranging consequences of these acts.

For the student activities, we have incorporated a variety of tasks that promote active learning and critical thinking. Students will watch two short films, create a storyboard based on the key concepts, and design a poster or artwork that reflects their understanding of the Protection Acts’ impact on Indigenous Australians. These engaging activities enhance student understanding and cater to various learning styles.

As history teachers, you will appreciate this lesson plan’s comprehensive and organised nature, which saves valuable time on lesson planning. By offering a wide range of topics and student activities, this lesson plan ensures an informative and engaging learning experience that deepens students’ understanding of the Australian Protection Acts and their lasting effects on Indigenous Australians. The lesson’s structure and content are designed to minimise the time you spend on lesson preparation while maximising the educational value for your students.

Protection Acts Lesson Plan Presentation

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include 2 short films, the creation of a storyboard and poster/artwork.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages14 years and up.
Format PowerPoint.

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