Aboriginal Australians during WWI student worksheet classroom resource

Australian Aboriginal Soldiers WWI Worksheet

The Australian Aboriginal Soldiers WWI Worksheet is an essential resource for any educator teaching the Australian Curriculum looking to bring the important story of Aboriginal involvement in World War One to life in their classroom. This comprehensive worksheet provides an overview of the treatment and experiences of these soldiers, focusing on the Australian Defence Act, War Census and other key issues faced by Aboriginal soldiers during this time.

Designed to meet the needs of the Australian Curriculum, this worksheet is perfect for middle and high school students looking to gain a deeper understanding of this important period in Australian history. Through a variety of primary sources and interactive activities, students will be able to develop their comprehension and critical thinking skills while exploring the experiences of Aboriginal soldiers during World War One.

Whether you’re a seasoned Australian Curriculum history teacher or just starting out, this worksheet provides a wealth of information and activities to engage your students and help them gain a deeper appreciation for this important aspect of Australian history. From reading primary sources to creating an informative infographic, this worksheet is designed to bring the story of Aboriginal soldiers during the First World War to life in your classroom.

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Resource Information

Description:Students read through a number of primary sources and answer comprehension and critical thinking questions. Creation of an infographic is also included.
Estimated lessons:2-3.
Ages14-16 years.
Format PDF.

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