Alexander the Great and Pericles Student Worksheet

Alexander the Great and Pericles Worksheet

The “Exploring the Lives of Pericles and Alexander the Great Worksheet” offers middle school educators a streamlined, inquiry-based approach to teaching about two pivotal figures from ancient Greek history. This educational resource not only enhances students’ understanding of the complexities of the ancient world but also significantly reduces lesson preparation time for teachers.

Alexander the Great, a Macedonian king born in 356 BCE, is revered as one of history’s most formidable military leaders. His strategic brilliance and unwavering courage enabled his empire to expand across continents, from Greece to Egypt and beyond, before his death in 323 BCE. Alexander’s legacy as a military tactician and empire-builder remains unmatched, showcasing his profound impact on world history.

In contrast, Pericles, an Athenian statesman and general born in 495 BCE, played a crucial role in moulding Athens into the epicentre of culture and democracy during its Golden Age. His leadership not only transformed Athens architecturally and culturally but also solidified the principles of democracy and education in the city-state until his death in 429 BCE. Pericles’s vision and policies are celebrated for their lasting influence on Western civilization.

The “Exploring the Lives of Pericles and Alexander the Great Worksheet” engages students in a hands-on exploration of these figures’ lives, encouraging critical thinking and research skills development. By delving into the achievements and philosophies of Alexander the Great and Pericles, students gain a deeper appreciation for their contributions to ancient Greek history and the broader ancient world.

This worksheet serves as an essential tool for middle school students interested in ancient Greece, providing a practical and interactive learning experience. It fosters a deeper understanding of the historical significance and enduring legacies of Alexander the Great and Pericles, making it an invaluable asset for any history curriculum.

Alexander the Great and Pericles Personality student worksheet

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Description:Individual mini-research task.
Estimated lessons:2.
Ages11-14 years.
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