Alexander II Introduction lesson

Alexander II Introduction

The Alexander II Introduction modern history lesson provides an in-depth look at Tsarist Russia, exploring the social structure and reform under Alexander II. Focusing on emancipation of the serfs and other reforms he implemented, this lesson is invaluable for teachers looking to bring history alive in their classrooms.

The lesson begins with an overview of Tsarist Russia, discussing how absolute autocracy was a cornerstone of Russian society in the 19th century. This also included a look at various social classes and how they were affected by the ruling system. Particular attention will be paid to how reforms enacted by Alexander II sought to challenge many of those existing structures.

Alexander II’s reforms are examined in detail, highlighting his efforts towards the emancipation of serfs as well as educational reform and military reorganisation. Students will learn about different aspects related to these reforms, such as abolition of capital punishment and introduction of Zemstvos (local councils). They will gain insight into why these issues were so important for Russia at that time and what impact these changes had on its future development.

To further engage students with the material, there are student activities included in this lesson plan such as short films and worksheets. These activities give learners an opportunity to explore all aspects of Alexander’s reforms more deeply through hands-on and interactive tasks. This can help instil critical thinking skills, while giving them a chance to look at various perspectives on historical events.

In conclusion, The Alexander II Introduction modern history lesson is perfect for teachers who want to include engaging content in their classes that focuses on Tsarist Russia and its reform during this period. With comprehensive coverage on everything from education reform to emancipation of serfs – as well as activity ideas – this lesson plan provides learners with valuable knowledge about one of the key figures in Russian history.

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Resource Information

Description:Student activities include short films and student worksheets on the emancipation of the serfs and other reforms Alexander II implemented.
Estimated lessons:3
Ages16-18 years
Format PowerPoint

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