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Welcome to the Cunning History Teacher!

In 2014, the Cunning History Teacher began as a passion project to provide Middle and High School History teachers with easily accessible teaching resources that would save them countless hours in lesson preparation. Fast-forward to today, members can now download 100’s of carefully designed teaching resources, created by an experienced teacher, which cover numerous history topics and time periods.

Who is the Cunning History Teacher?

Hi! My name is Maryanne Ross and I currently live in the sunny Middle East. I am a qualified History/Humanities teacher with a BA in History and a Diploma of Education from Macquarie University in Sydney Australia. I also have a Masters Degree in Ancient History from New England University in Armidale NSW.

I have been working overseas in an IB International School since 2010. Before that I have worked in both the private and public school systems in NSW. I absolutely love teaching, it’s my passion, as is History.

I am hoping that this site will provide you with great quality resources to make your life easier in and out of the classroom. An unbelievable amount of time spent as a teacher is finding appropriate material that can be used in the classroom therefore, I wanted to provide a one-stop-shop with as many topics and teaching/learning ideas possible so that teachers from around the world can catch up on some ‘me/family time’.

What are you teaching?

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